How to become a good Clash of Clan player?

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Some games are extremely addicting, and Clash of Clans is one of the most addictive games nowadays. If you want to play clash of clans online this article we will give you some tips and tricks that will help you to become excellent player! Whether you’re a novice or an expert player, our secrets will help you control your opponents and become one of the best players in the game.

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of the very best secrets for CoC, I want to provide a bit of a warning about some of the other sites out there. You may notice that some sites will offer gems, elixir, etc. to you if you just fill out a survey or that you need to download something in order for the offer to work.
1. Look for inactive players
Try to find other players that have been inactive for some time. Search out other players that have elixir collectors or even gold mines. It can be challenging to find them depending on whether other player’s have looted them already.

2. Do not hurry
Take your time when upgrading your troops. If you want to make sure your structures are maxed out you absolutely don’t want to upgrade them while you are aren’t fully prepared. Upgrading too quickly will finally slow you down in the game and occasionally can leave your base too weak.
3. Elixir is all important
You can save all of your elixir even under attack. If you place more troops in your barracks queue, but you can always cancel the production and you will get the elixir back. This is a nice option if you’re under attack and want to keep your resources. Only thing is that you should be quick to save your elixirs.
4. Don’t forget your Shield

Make sure you take your time to build your defense towers and the army so you can be ready after the shield go down. You also get a short shield if your base be attacked as your base is 90% destroyed. If it seems inevitable that you’re going down, you can always spend resources like crazy. When you’re in the middle of attack if your city is destroyed to 40%, you automatically will get a shield for 12 hours. This is a great opportunity for you to ensure that you build resources.
Those were some of the most important tips that will help you, with some practice, to become much better Clash of Clan player.

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4 essential tips & tricks for playing Hungry Shark Evolution

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4 essential tips & tricks for playing Hungry Shark Evolution

Inspired by “Shark Week” on Discovery Channel? Watching “Jaws” again? Recommended from a friend? Whatever the reason, if you are playing Hungry Shark Evolution I am convinced that you are having fun and that your mobile phone doesn’t leave your hands for too long. This highly addictive 3D aquatic adventure is a true member of those just-one-more-go types of games where players always have the reason to come back and play some more.

Hungry Shark Evolution was published in October 2012 as a fifth part of very successful “Hungry Shark” series by Future Games of London, which is in reality a studio under the ownership of a big name in the gaming industry – Ubisoft. They certainly would not put their reputation on the line for something that is not good enough, and this game proved even better than expected. Over 125 million downloads and around 30.000 new customers per day show how much people are attracted to this interesting edition.


A lot of people play this game, which means that a lot of them get stuck and need help to continue exploring the vast world of tropical reefs. Naturally, internet is always there to help and several tips and advices that are heard the most on forums and discussions are:

  1. Get free coins and gems: Most “experts” are repeating this to any new user like a mantra – use free stuff as much as possible! And in Hungry Shark Evolution this is relatively easy because all you need to do is to watch some promotional trailers and you will be rewarded with 100 coins for every video. Pretty simple! Trailers can be accessed by a command located on the upper right corner of the playing screen (in the shape of a plus sign) and there will be days when there will be none of them, so don’t miss out! Also, liking the official Facebook page of the game will provide you with 5 gems.
  2. Collect Daily Reward: Another way to receive free gifts in this game is to visit a cave with the chest that contains Daily Reward – basically coins, coins and more coins. For the first visit the player is awarded 100 coins, for the second 200, then 300…and in the end 500 on the fifth day. After that the counting resets and goes back to 100. Make a habit of going to this little place since coins are valuable and this is the easiest way to acquire them.
  3. Use the Gold Rush: This multiplier mode is started when a certain amount of points is reached, and it means that any food you devour during that period is increasing your coins balance. So, swallow as much as you can during those few hectic seconds.
  4. Use Accessory Shop: Customization is very important part of Hungry Shark Evolution because every shark can be upgraded and with certain gadgets the performances can increase significantly. Small problem with this is that most of the devices are pretty expensive, but some of them (like “Basic Map” or “Baby Shark”) are well-worth the coins.

Playing Hungry Shark Evolution can not be covered in just four tips, of course, but these ones are enough to keep any player moving around and swimming freely in the colorful environment of the coral reefs. For any other problem, as I said – internet is always there. And if you want to play with a bit more ease and fun you may want to check out this Hungry Shark Evolution Hack, it will help you step up your game for sure.

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Tips for playing Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

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Tips for playing Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Even though Kim Kardashian started her career as a reality TV star, in the last few years she has made an enormous success in the world of show business. And so has her game, launched in June 2014. Available for Android and iOS, the game can be downloaded for free, with the possibility for plenty of items to be bought in-app with real money. And ever since it was launched, it has been downloaded over 30 million times and it has reached pretty high rating in Google Store and on iTunes.

The point of the game is trying to become an A-list celebrity with some help from Kim herself, after doing her a big favor at the very beginning of the whole story. You can create your own character, dress her (or him) up the way you like, and start fulfilling the tasks which are given to you by Kim and other characters, such as managers, designers and other important people of the show-biz industry. You will be asked to do photo shoots, be in commercials, throw parties, but also to flirt, argue with your competition, follow the trends – all in order to get noticed, to gain more fans and climb up the social ladder. If you decide to play this game, these are some tips you should take into consideration, in order to fulfill your tasks successfully and as quickly as possible – since it can take lot of time for some of them to be completed.


Completing the tasks will earn you money; raise your star power, social status and improve many other categories within the game. However, there are some other ways to earn money or obtain energy points, the first of them being tapping anything you see in the game. Birds, suitcases, mailboxes – almost every random item contains something that you might use, and it can be tapped for this purpose more than just once. Then, you can always earn extra money by working in So Chic department store, which is where the story started in the first place. If you adopt a pet, it will increase your energy level and the money you own.

When it comes to personality and strategies of getting to know the right people, the higher the star power, the higher on the list are the people you can network with, and with the higher love power, you get to flirt with those who are higher on the list. Charming people while talking to them or asking them for a favor usually costs a few star coins (which are difficult to obtain), but it can bring you precious contacts. If you want to obtain stars and you dont want to spend your hard earned money, you can check out this hack Your star power will increase if you get noticed by paparazzi and if you successfully complete social tasks, such as throwing a great party or modeling in a fashion show.

It is arguable whether this game is just for fun, for the sake of Kim earning more money, or it is a bad influence, like many people claim – but whatever may be the case, it can be fun to play if you are interested in the world of show business, celebrities, Hollywood and red carpet events, and if you want to know what it takes to become a celebrity from scratch.

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Types of puzzle video games

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Types of puzzle video games

With the appearance of smartphones, not only that the use of mobile phones itself got a completely new dimension, but the same thing happened with phone games. Today, just like in PC games, there are games for smartphones that belong to many different genres, with rich graphics, 3D layout, fantastic sound effects and many more features. Also, many old PC and PS games now have their mobile versions, so you can play almost all the games from your childhood on a smartphone.

It would be absurd to write about all the types of games you can find in app stores, since there are hundreds of them. Instead, we will focus on puzzle games: the games of logic, thinking, some strategy and lots of fun. There are many games within this category, and they fall under six main subcategories: traditional puzzle, action puzzle, hidden object games, physics games, tile-matching and reveal the picture games.

The category of traditional puzzle games includes not only jigsaw puzzles, but also traditional games such as Solitaire and Mahjong Solitaire. What these games require is sorting the pieces in a certain order, whether to create a picture or a specific pattern. Google Store is full of these games, which used to be played with cards or cardboard pieces, and today they are just a click away.

Action puzzle or arcade puzzle games have yet another set of sub-categories, but the thing they all have in common is that each of them requires the player to solve a puzzle in order to clear the level. The most popular game of this type is Tetris, while Google Play Store offers a number of other games like this, many of them actually being a variation of classic Tetris.


Hidden object games require a player to find the items hidden within a picture in order to level up. There is a certain amount of items to be found in each level, with or without time limit. Among the top games of this genre, Google Store offers Hidden Object: Mystery Estate, Hidden Object, Hidden Artifacts:Hidden Object and others.

Physics games are puzzle games where you have to use the physics of the game itself in order to complete the puzzle and reach a new level. These can be quite interesting and challenging, since they use the real principles of physics, and modern teachers sometimes even use them to show these principles to their students. Some of the most addictive games fall under this category, such as Angry Birds, Cut the Rope and many more.

Tile-matching games require tiles to be matched in order to disappear and clear space. They can include “falling block” games like Tetris, games where the elements should be swapped, like Candy Crush Saga and the games where the tiles have to be added to those of the same type in order to disappear, like Magnetic balls bubble shoot or Marble Legend.

The last category is Reveal the picture puzzle games, whose name says it itself – you need to reveal as little as possible to guess what picture is hidden underneath. The most popular games of this kind are Guess The Picture and Reveal! The Picture Quiz, according to Google Store.

If you like puzzle games, knowing these categories may help you find exactly the games you like and make it easier for you. Most of these games are free for download and easy to play, and most of all – they are fun and great for killing time. Choose the one you like best and enjoy.

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